“Facing Big Data ─ Innovative Fax Management Practice” workshop successfully held by OceanX and Ricoh Taiwan

“Facing Big Data ─ Innovative Fax Management Practice” workshop successfully held by OceanX and Ricoh Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan, March 22, 2016 – OceanX, the leading cloud-based document processing and delivery software provider, together with Ricoh Taiwan, announced today the success of a joint workshop on “Facing Big Data ─ Innovative Fax Management Practice” held on 17- 18th, March, 2016. 

To meet customer needs in different industries, the workshop was held with two themes, namely “financial services” and “retail and logistics”, showcasing the ease and convenience of OceanFax.

On top of the latest features of OceanFax version 5.0 such as OCR auto-faxing, other leading functions including production messaging, barcode generator, OCR faxing, auto reply, ImagePlus technology, self-defined stamping and approval, sending/receiving fax and email through desktop, MFP and web clients, etc, are introduced. The FoIP (Fax over IP) solution is also highlighted during the workshop.

Documents in financial, retail and logistic sectors are usually faxed in large amounts. Contracts, bank slips and insurance applications are commonly seen in the financial sector while purchase orders and invoices are used in the retail and logistic industries. The sheer amount of documents usually causes huge pressure to office workers, but now the problem can be easily solved with OceanFax Fax Server.  

Fax helps reduce paper consumption and telephone fees and thus helps trim operation costs. When more documents like purchase orders, quotations, application and remittance forms are now sent/received through mail or fax, OceanFax Fax Server can be your best business partner.

The first part of the workshop focused on finance. Presentations also concluded latest trends in fax and OceanFax services.

At the workshop, Mr. Sliver Qiu, product and solution consultant manager of OceanX, demonstrated the key features and faxing process of OceanFax version 5.0.

Mr. Sliver Qiu presented the faxing process of OceanFax, and trainees have gained knowledge from the presentation.

About Ricoh Taiwan
Taiwan Ricoh Co., Ltd. was established in October, 2008. It was known as “Hong Kong Ricoh International Limited Taiwan Branch” which was established in 2000. Ricoh Taiwan is the subsidiary of  Ricoh Group, it imports of the factory production system office machinery, accessories, and other supplies including “Ricoh” and “Gestetner” dual-brand, set photocopying, lists, scan and fax in a black and white color multifunction machine, digital-style fast printers, color laser printers, projectors, commercial series production printing equipment, and provide professional integration equipment, office document solutions consulting and advisory services office, desirable to provide more businesses efficient, the breadth and depth of office document output service.

About OceanX Technology Limited
Founded in 2005, OceanX Technology Limited is a leading Cloud-based Document Processing & Delivery Software provider of Enterprise Wide Software Solutions. The pioneering and innovative solutions developed by OceanX include the award winning Oceanfax Fax Server solution, the OceanX ECM solution and the OceanX DPC solution. The solutions are using by many government departments and large corporations around the world.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, OceanX has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and North America. OceanX also developed worldwide reseller network in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, India, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, United States, Canada, UK, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Caribbean Countries, South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria & Australia.

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