HK ICT Award-Winning ECM. Asia Top 25 DMS
BPM System. Provides Robust Document WorkFlow
Capture Paper Documents. Support OCR, OMR, ICR, Form Recognition, QR code
Share Documents to Internal and External Users Securely
Convert Documents to PDF. Generate Binder. Add Index and Table of Content
Asia No. 1 & Award-Winning Fax Server. SAP, Cisco & Avaya Certified

Company Overview

Vision: To Be the World’s Leading Enterprise Information Management and Delivery Solution Provider

Mission: Develop World Class Solutions for Local Markets

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Hong Kong, OceanX Technology’s mission is to develop world-class solutions for local markets. Devoting to green office automation technology innovation, the company is dedicated to explore technology trends and develop cutting-edge technologies, to meet continuously increasing customer needs on digital transformation & ESG.

OceanX Technology has been developing innovative products including OceanX ECM, OceanX WorkFlow, OceanX Capture, OceanX Share and OceanFax. OceanX’s products are ideal platform for enterprises’ digital transformation strategy. Transfer your manual process in intelligent digital systems.

OceanX ECM & WorkFlow – the first cloud based Enterprise Content Management System in Asia. OceanX ECM won the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019: Smart Business (Solution for Business and Public Sector Enterprise) and acquires “APAC CIO Outlook Top 25 Document Management System” award, among 400 DMS candidates.

OceanFax – the Asia’s No.1 award-winning & best-selling fax server. It’s a secure and fast way to send and receive sensitive and important documents.

As a partner of global tech giants such as SAP, Red Hat, DocuSign, Cisco, Avaya, HP, Ricoh, Microsoft, and Huawei, OceanX Technology provides proved and reliable digital transformation solutions for enterprises and governments.

The company was established since the year of


Successfully implemented more than


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Fully industrial recognization by more than



OceanX Products

is a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management system and Document Management System which is widely adopted by a large number of customers in Hong Kong and China as well as Asian countries. It includes Document Management System, Workflow, OCR, Capture, Collaboration, Co-Editing, Share, Portal and many powerful features. Using OceanX ECM, organizations can securely manage, share and collaborate on critical business content information and document. Incorporate with OceanX Workflow, it is a good platform for Enterprises digital transformation strategies.

is a new generation of Business Process Management System(BPM) and Workflow solutions in Hong Kong, China and Asia. Incorporate with OceanX ECM, it provides robust Document Workflow solution to Enterprises and Governments. From Administrative Workflows(expense claim , leave application) to sophisticated Business Process Management(e.g. Contract Management, ISO document approval). OceanX WorkFlow and ECM are easy to implement.

is one of the powerful Form OCR & data capture solution in Hong Kong, China and Asia. Its patented technology CapturePlus and Magnifying Locator help users easily convert paper Forms and Documents into critical business data and archive into OceanX ECM. It supports OCR, OMR, ICR, form recognition, QR code. No matter it’s Invoices, POs , loan applications, HR forms, engineering forms and more forms, OceanX Capture automatically captures data from your business forms, and exports it to your backend systems(such as OceanX ECM, ERP, RPA etc.). Manual data entry will be eliminated!

is the best way to share documents to internal and external users securely.

 Fax Server is Asia’s NO.1 best-selling and award-winning fax server in Hong Kong, China and Asian countries. It delivers documents efficiently and reliably, seamlessly integrates with email, ERP and MFP, supports FOIP, eFax, email to Fax, IP faxing, streamlining business processes, automating faxes and increasing productivity. Its’ patented technology ImagePlus keep the original image resolution. Empower with some unique features such as e-Tenderbox, OCR Barcode and Form Routing, OCR Capture, Barcode Generator, Form OCR Auto-faxing, Fax Approval, OceanFax has become one of the most popular Fax server in Hong Kong, China and Asian countries.

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