OceanX WorkFlow

OceanX WorkFlow provides the following benefits to users:

  1. Graphical Workflow Designer for user to create and modify their workflow process easily
  2. Actions button can be defined in each step easily
  3. Profile Information can be hidden or set to read only in each step
  4. Profile Information can be used as routing criteria for the workflow
  5. Workflow can be triggered when document is created, modified or metadata updated
  6. Workflow can also be triggered by user manually
  7. User can attach multiple documents to a workflow
  8. User can open and modify the document version within a Workflow
  9. Automatic steps can be included in a workflow e.g. send email, update database, export data etc
  10. Group tasks can be defined in a workflow
  11. User can review the workflow history


It can be used for process like, “Document Approval”, “ISO document”, “Contract Renewal” and “Application Approval” etc.