OceanX WorkFlow

OceanX WorkFlow is a new generation of Business Process Management System that integrates natively with OceanX ECM, to provide robust Document Workflow solution to Enterprises and Governments.

OceanX WorkFlow is a cloud-based multi-tenant system and on-premise system, including e-Form and graphic workflow designer. We aim to modernized traditional labour-intensive manual process with BPMS by streamlining and automation of business operations.


1. Introduction to OceanX WorkFlow

OceanX WorkFlow is developed according to BPMN2.0 standards and provides comprehensive API for third party integration. The basic platform of OceanX WorkFlow contains many modules, including OceanX WorkFlow engines and process model interpreters. We also incorporated our patented BuildingBlocks technology allowing users to pick and choose our prebuilt “BuildingBlocks” according to specific needs without additional programming creating a highly adoptable user interface for anyone.


2. Client Online Portal


3. Graphical Design Tool

Our codeless and easy to use design tools allow users to drag and drop modules with no training. Saving cost and time. Modules in need for review or approval are automatically sent to the users’ email as a notification, as noted with the green mail icon below.


Web-Based Graphical Workflow Designer



4. E-Form Design Tool

Our Intelligent E-Form features an auto calculation function, drop down list and smart fill to eliminate repetitive manual inputs.


5. Native integration with OceanX ECM

Workflow was developed to be used in tandem with ECM, initiating BPM on demand from anywhere. All ECM features are assessable from workflow such as Office Add-in, role base access control ensuring sensitive information are being protected and data encryption.



Start WorkFlow in MS Office


6. KPI Management and Optimization

As a BPM OceanX WorkFlow also aims to highlight bottle-neck points of operation and optimize workflow, KPI values tailored to your firm would be displayed in the KPI-Dashboard. The dashboard would not only contain current values but also a historical trend and comparison of other metrics and standards, allowing users to visualize the BPM improvements made.


7. Muti-Tenant Design

OceanX WorkFlow’s multi-tenants design allows our clients to access OceanX WorkFlow large database at an affordable price whilst ensuring scalability when upgrades are needed, OceanX WorkFlow cloud-based muti-tenant design also increases security between sites within the organisational hierarchy.

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