For Banking, Finance and Insurance Companies

Banking, Finance and Insurance Companies handle large volume of paper-based faxes with strict compliance every day. They are under pressure of high operational cost and accidental destruction of paper documents. Instead of wasting money and taking risk of document damage, they change to use OceanFax Fax Server to improve data security, increase working efficiency and reduce operational costs.

OceanFax delivers the below benefits to banking, finance and insurance companies

  • Enhance data security
  • Reduce document delivery time
  • Reduce telephony and consumable costs
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Maximized ROI
  • Easy to track and monitor fax status
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Personal Data Privacy Policy

For Government

Responding to the “Smart City Blueprint” from Hong Kong Government, OceanFax makes use of innovation and technology to help Hong Kong Government achieve paperless office, save cost, improve effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

OceanFax Fax Server is the global pioneering and Asia’s first boardless (software only) Fax over IP Server. It integrates with MFP and replace eco-unfriendly fax machines. In addition, it can integrate with SMTP mail server, to enable inbound and outbound faxing directly from mailbox. Other powerful features such as Production Messaging and TenderBox also helps the Government to achieve green office, reduce cost and improve productivity.

OceanFax delivers the below benefits to Government

  • Environmental protection and achieve green office
  • Reduce cost of fax machines, toner, paper, telephone lines and long distance charges
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual handling and free up resources for more value-added activities
  • High degree of security. All inbound faxes are being encrypted. All data and actions are in the report of audit trail.

For Logistic Industry

Logistics companies depend upon timely information in their daily operation. In the past, they used standalone fax machine as the main document delivery channel. However, they faced the challenges on the high customer requirements and operational costs. Standalone fax machine cannot fully satisfy their needs any more. As the result, they are looking for a reliable fax system to ensure document delivery in a secure and efficient way.

OceanFax delivers the below benefits to logistics organizations

  • No need to queue up in peak hour for the limited numbers of fax machines
  • Reduce telephony cost by scheduled fax delivery at a non-peak period
  • Enhance data security
  • Improve customer service by shortening response time
  • Increase productivity and efficiency

For Manufacturing Industry

Many manufacturing companies still use manual and paper-based document delivery method in production workflow. However, it is costly and difficult to ensure data security during document delivery. So many of them implement OceanFax Fax Server to streamline operation process, shorten document delivery time and improve customer service.

OceanFax delivers the below benefits to manufacturing organizations

  • Integrated with existing IT infrastructure
  • Improved customer service by shorter response time
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased productivity and efficiency