OceanX ECM Legal & Professional Edition

Legal Firm Document Management System

Professionals in Legal and Professional Service Firm need to handle a lot of client matter documents everyday. If there is no ECM solution implemented in the firm:

  • Hard copy matter folders may scatters on desktop.
  • Hard to search for the hard copy document in need.
  • Missing or losing important documents.
  • Accidentally delete documents.
  • Difficult and time-consuming to manage emails. Emails and soft copy documents have to be printed and filed manually.
  • Difficult to collaborate with your team. Only one person can access to a Matter Folder at a time.
  • Difficult to manage document versions.
  • No audit trails on document being access.
  • Consume a lot of valuable storage space in the office for storage of Matter Folders.

OceanX ECM Solutions for Legal and Professional Service Firms

  • Matter-Centric Collaboration & Electronic Matter Folder
    • Matter Folders in OceanX ECM contains all the matter documents (including scanned images, soft copy documents and emails). Multiple users could work on it for internal and external parties at the same time.
  • Matter Document Indexing
    • Matter document index automatically inherited into folder index, not required any manual input.
    • You can find you matter more easily.
  • Capture Matter Document Information
    • Easily input, index and save your matter documents to OceanX ECM through scanner, email or other devices, by using full text OCR, IMR, Barcode recognition, searchable PDF and form recognition.
  • Convert Documents to PDF or Matter Bibles by using OceanX PDFX
    • Easily convert any documents into PDF with Watermark, Page Numbers, Bate Numbers and Security Control by using the tool of OceanX PDFX.
    • It can also be used to bind documents in a matter folder in OceanX ECM into Matter Bibles with TOC and cover page.
  • Email Management
    • OceanX ECM provides a platform for professionals to manage emails together with documents and combines them into a single Matter Folder for matter-centric collaboration.
  • Outlook Add-in
    • Outlook Add-in integrates Microsoft Outlook with OceanX ECM system, enables users to store and manage emails directly in Microsoft Outlook interface.
  • Office Add-in
    • Office Add-in integrates Microsoft Office with OceanX ECM system. It enables users to Open, Edit, Save or Create Versions of documents in OceanX ECM directly from Microsoft Office Interface.
  • Version Control
    • Help professionals create or search document for the latest document version in need without worries of choosing the old document to waste time on the wrong files or folders.
  • Audit Trail
    • Provides the detailed record that lists every edit and access record of every matter folder and file.

Benefits of OceanX ECM for Legal and Professional Service Firms

  • Retain knowledge asset
  • Achieve geographic transparency to access document anywhere
  • Email management
  • Document management
  • Everything for a matter in one place
  • Going paperless
  • High security
  • Efficient organization
  • Save time for searching, save space and avoid costly mistakes