20/10/2021 – OceanX ECM provides one-stop solution document management for Vertiv Tech Co., Ltd

Shenzhen – 20 Oct 2021 – In the past, Vertiv Tech Co., Ltd use other solution to scan contracts to their DMS. That DMS is an out-dated system without contract approval workflow. Therefore, they need a robust ECM solution to meet their requirements.

After reviewing different DMS solutions in the market, they decided to choose the solutions from OceanX.

OceanX ECM, OceanX Workflow and OceanX Capture effectively streamline their contract approval, capture and archiving processes.

OceanX ECM centralize all contracts in one place, enable users to discuss and review the contract together in a collaborate platform. OceanX WorkFlow automatically distribute approval task to person with authority, which enhance contract approval process. OceanX Capture easily convert paper documents to softcopy and input to OceanX ECM. Patented CapturePlus technology removes scanned document background noise and enhances image quality, increases OCR accuracy rate to 99.99%. Patented BuildingBlocks technology easily construct user interface without programming to increase user adoption.


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