25/03/2022 – Smartone Mobile Communications Limited implements OceanFax fax server to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

Hong Kong – 25 Mar 2022 – Smartone Mobile Communications Limited (Smartone), a leading telecommunications company in Hong Kong, has implemented OceanFax fax server to replace all of their old fax machines. The implementation of OceanFax has enabled Smartone to streamline their fax communication process and reduce operational costs.

With the implementation of OceanFax, Smartone can now send and receive faxes directly from their email, desktops, eliminating the need for traditional fax machines. This has resulted in significant cost savings for Smartone, as they no longer need to purchase and maintain physical fax machines.

Moreover, the use of OceanFax has also improved operational efficiency, as faxes can now be sent and received more quickly and easily, and can be managed centrally through the fax server. This has led to improved communication with customers, suppliers, and partners.

The successful implementation of OceanFax at Smartone demonstrates the benefits of using an advanced fax server solution to improve communication processes and reduce costs.

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