OceanX WorkFlow 6.0 What’s New?

  • Approval document signature function
    • User can sign the document in the preview area inside task approval interface. Signature includes private signature and official seal.
  • Stamp management function
    • Management of stamp pictures, stamp administrators, stamp users, stamp passwords and valid periods.
  • Customization of serial number
    • User can customize the composition and rules of serial numbers, further apply to form fields or process instance numbers.
  • Customization of Workflow key
    • The user can customize Workflow key. In addition, the process instance ID consists of the process key and serial number automatically generated by the system
  • Control Workflow process launch time
    • Specify trigger time for the submit button. To control when the Workflow process should be launch.
  • Search process
    • Search the specified process through process information, task information and form information.
  • Daily reminder email send to process instance assignee
    • Check whether the workflow process instance assignee if it has to-do tasks. Once there are to-do tasks, reminder mailwill be sent.

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