OceanFax 8.0 What’s New?

1. New e-TenderBox

  • New Tenderbox Management
    • A completely new and comprehensive Tenderbox module is built in to provide powerful e-Tenderbox function
      and operation
  • New Tenderbox users
    • A completely new and comprehensive Tenderbox users function to make Tenders operation under ISO 9001
  • Email to Tenderbox
    • User can make use it to create Tenderbox, with QR code via email automatically2. New WebFax client


2. New WebFax client

  • A completely new and powerful Webfax fax client provides almost the same functions of FaxView which supports different types of browsers including IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari


3. Other Enhancements

  • Dashboard
    • A new Dashboard function is provided to real time monitor the system overall performance and status including
      CPU, HardDisk, Memory and fax channels. Also, the system can send email alert to user if any over threshold
      and abnormal status is detected.
  • Backup only fax images, database or both
    • User can choose to perform only daily backup the OceanFax database, fax images or both
  • LDAP sync
    • Using of LDAP protocol to perform user accounts synchronization between AD and OceanFax server
  • Datasync
    • A new integration module to acquire xml file from backend system to update fax meta data inside the OceanFax database
  • Advance WatchFolder
    • A new powerful integration module that the system can extract any kind of control file format from different kinds of backend
      system. Then the source files will be converted and sent fax out automatically.
  • Customized Faxview interface
    • IT admin can preset a customized FaxView Interface and manual bar for different user and user group
  • FaxView supports TLS v1.3 protocol
  • Folder Name To Fax
    • A new integration method that user can drop outgoing fax document into specific folder and system will collect,
      convert and send the fax out, according to the folder name information.
      e.g. FaxNo._Company Name
  • Allow sending fax to the same number
    • User has an option to allow OceanFax to send concurrent multiple faxes to the same fax number or not
  • Default router and forward user
    • User can preset default target user when doing fax routing or forwarding
  • Receiver whitelist handling and approval
    • A new receiver whitelist handling and approval function
  • Caller Mapping
    • A new caller mapping and whitelist linkage mapping function
  • Form OCR and routing
    • A new integration module to OCR recognize different types of incoming fax forms and perform form routing
  • Preferred OCR Language
    • To increase OCR accuracy, user can instruct the system to OCR using preferred Language
  • QR To Fax
    • OceanFax can scan, OCR the QR code on the fax document, split and fax out automatically
  • MAPI to Fax
    • A new Email to Fax integration method that support MAPI protocol so that no configuration change is required in email server
  • Customized Bookmark for Mail Merge
    • User can customize new bookmark in Mail Merge function
  • DocumentID setting
    • Users can use the document number setting to add a unique identification code to received or sent faxes
  • Customized Footer and Header margin width
    • User can customize footer and header margin width
  • Footer Font
    • User can select fonts for the footer of incoming and outgoing fax
  • Footer on the right place
    • OceanFax can rotate and place the footer on right margin area of the fax image
  • Watermark stamp
    • User can click a check box in FaxView to add a watermark stamp overlay onto the outgoing fax image
  • Send PDF file in e-TenderBox
    • A new function of sending original PDF file by email in e-TenderBox
  • Specific channel send setting
    • Can selectively specify which kind of err faxes to perform retry
  • Hotkey function
    • User can customize the hotkey function via fax manager
  • Password policy
    • User can apply password policy to OceanFax manual created accounts like Windows password policy
  • Enhance POP3 path
    • Add POP3 path in Mail Relay configuration for new Fax to Email security requirement
  • Schedule Report
    • User can schedule to export a specific report to user via email or storing into a network folder

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