11/12/2023 – Shenzhen KinWong Electronics Utilizes OceanX Technology to Aid in the Digital Transformation of Warehouse Management

Shenzhen, China, December 11, 2023 – OceanX Solutions and KinWong Electronics have forged a significant partnership to drive the digital transformation of KinWong Electronics’ warehouse. Leveraging AI OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services for intelligent document processing, the project has achieved notable results, including enhanced efficiency, manpower savings, accelerated inbound processing, and improved data accuracy. Simultaneously, the solution provides scalability for KinWong Electronics’ rapid growth, enabling the swift expansion of order processing volume.

KinWong Electronics, one of the world’s largest PCB manufacturers, delivers comprehensive PCB solutions to top-tier brands, OEMs, and EMS companies. With 14,000 employees and 11 factories, KinWong Electronics secured the third position on the 2020 list of China’s top 100 domestic PCB companies.

Key features of the solution include the implementation of an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution based on high-precision OCR, automating hundreds of thousands of inbound transactions annually. This encompasses document recognition, verification, inbound checklist item reconciliation, inbound business rule processing, and ultimately, the automated completion of inbound transactions.

A spokesperson for KinWong Electronics noted that compared to other Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) products on the market, OceanX’s solution stands out with the following advantages:

  1. AI High-Precision OCR boasts exceptional accuracy, addressing complexities such as lossless documents, unclear prints from dot matrix printers, stamp coverage, handwritten forms, etc., commonly encountered in warehouse operations. OceanX’s high-precision AI OCR effortlessly handles these scenarios, achieving a remarkably high overall approval rate through techniques like data cross-verification.
  2. OceanX’s Document Robot Platform (DPC) effectively manages the intricate business processes of goods receipt, facilitating automated inbound processes for enterprises.
  3. OceanX’s user-friendly human-machine interaction, coupled with a professional Capture tool, minimizes user intervention, significantly enhancing operational efficiency when dealing with exceptional forms.
  4. The project has yielded a high return on investment, realizing an 80% reduction in manpower and significantly expediting business processes post-implementation.

About OceanX Technology Limited:

OceanX Technology Limited is a leader in the field of digital transformation solutions, specializing in providing tailored solutions for governments and enterprises. This collaboration exemplifies OceanX Technology Limited’s commitment to delivering innovative technologies that meet the unique needs of their partners.

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