03/09/2023 – Labour Department Enhances Citizens service by using OceanFax & OceanX Capture

Hong Kong – September 3, 2023 – The Hong Kong Government’s Labour Department embarked on an innovative journey to streamline operations and enhance public services through OceanFax and OceanX Capture.


This innovative approach involves designing two crucial forms for capturing essential data related to trainees and their lessons. When trainees complete their lessons, they fill in these forms with vital information, which can be sent via email, websites, scanners, or OceanFax. OceanFax is used to request these forms, while OceanX Capture employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to accurately collect data from them.


OceanFax ensures a seamless and secure data transfer process, allowing trainees to submit forms via various digital channels, eliminating the need for physical submissions, saving time, and ensuring data security.


OceanX Capture efficiently stores the extracted data in the department’s Document Management System (DMS), enhancing efficiency and making data readily accessible for future reference, analysis, and reporting.


The adoption of OceanFax and OceanX Capture demonstrates the Government Labour Department’s commitment to technological advancement and improved public services. This innovative approach aligns seamlessly with Hong Kong’s dedication to progress in the public sector.