21/06/2023 – LongAn & Lam LLP has adopted OceanX ECM Legal Edition as the document management system

Hong Kong – 21 Jun 2023 – LongAn & Lam LLP, a prominent law firm in Hong Kong, recently purchased the document management system by adopting OceanX ECM Legal Edition. By choosing OceanX ECM Legal Edition, they replaced their SharePoint system with a comprehensive and specialized solution specifically designed for law firms, providing them with a matter-centric and email management solution, integrates seamlessly with customer’s PMS. It automatically creates matter folders with sub-folders and includes a timesheet folder under each matter folder. By partnering with OceanX Technology Limited and Active e-Solution Ltd., they gained a range of services, including the law firm’s best practices, streamlined document & email organization, improved collaboration, data security measures, comprehensive support, training sessions, and seamless integration. The decision has resulted in enhanced document management and email management capabilities, increased efficiency, and optimized workflow for LongAn & Lam LLP.

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