28/02/2024 – One Department of the HKSAR Government Revamping Lotus Notes with OceanX ECM

Hong Kong – 28 Feb 2024 – A department within the HKSAR Government is enhancing its operations by revamping Lotus Notes with OceanX ECM. Seeking to modernize communication and document management, OceanX ECM offers advanced features for streamlined processes. Integrating with Lotus Notes, the department aims to boost functionality and efficiency. With seamless compatibility, employees can access, share, and manage documents effortlessly within the familiar Lotus Notes environment. This strategic move underscores the department’s commitment to embracing modern technology for improved operational efficiency and collaboration within the HKSAR Government.

About OceanX Technology Limited:

OceanX Technology Limited is a leader in the field of digital transformation solutions, specializing in providing tailored solutions for governments and enterprises. This collaboration exemplifies OceanX Technology Limited’s commitment to delivering innovative technologies that meet the unique needs of their partners.

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