OceanX Announces the Release of OceanX ECM 7.0 and OceanFax 9.0

  1. Hong Kong, China – 3 July, 2024 – OceanX, the leading Enterprise Information Management provider in Asia, proudly announces the release of OceanX ECM 7.0, WorkFlow 7.0, Collaboration Portal 7.0, and OceanFax 9.0, marking significant milestones in the company’s commitment to delivering next-generation cloud-based business solutions that drive digital transformation and enhance enterprise efficiency.OceanX ECM 7.0, WorkFlow 7.0 & Collaboration Portal 7.0

    OceanX Collaboration Portal 7.0

    The OceanX Collaboration Portal is a customizable web-based platform designed to facilitate efficient teamwork and collaboration within organizations.

    Key Innovations in OceanX Collaboration Portal 7.0:

    • Bulletin Board: Serves as a central hub for important announcements, updates, and information sharing.
    • News Feed: Keeps employees up-to-date with customizable filters and tags for relevant information.
    • Conference Room Booking: Enables seamless reservation of meeting rooms and other spaces.
    • Document Library: Provides a centralized repository for storing and sharing important files with version control and access permissions.
    • Internal Workflow: Streamlines project and task management with customizable workflows and templates.

    OceanX ECM 7.0

    OceanX ECM 7.0 continues to set the standard for enterprise content management by offering cutting-edge features that streamline digital transformation strategies. The enhanced functionalities in ECM 7.0 and WorkFlow 7.0 are designed to empower a digital workforce, enabling enterprises to navigate the challenges of the digital era with ease.

    Key Innovations in OceanX ECM 7.0:

    • Support for Multiple Formats: OceanX ECM 7.0 now supports Autodesk CAD, ZW CAD (中望), MS Office, WPS Office, Adobe PDF, and Foxit PDF, enhancing compatibility and ease of use across various platforms.
    • BuildingBlocks Technology: Our award-winning, flexible interface adapts to different enterprise needs without programming, making it easier to develop custom applications.
    • Automated Document Storage: Documents are automatically stored in specified directories, eliminating the need for manual sorting and saving valuable time.
    • Paperless Approval Processes: Users can sign documents directly within the task approval interface, further streamlining the workflow and achieving true paperless processes.
    • Advanced Search and Security Features: Enhanced search functionalities and improved security measures ensure that users can quickly and securely access the information they need.

    OceanX Capture 7.0

    Recognizing the critical role of powerful Capture solutions in digital transformation strategies, OceanX Capture 7.0 introduces several advanced features that significantly improve OCR accuracy and data verification efficiency.

    Key Innovations in OceanX Capture 7.0:

    • AI OCR Technology: OceanX Capture now includes AI-powered OCR for efficient document classification and ECM uploads, significantly cutting processing time. The high-performance OCR server improves accuracy and speed, with the AI OCR increasing form recognition rates to over 90% accuracy, reducing manual work.
    • CapturePlus & ImagePlus Technologies: Enhanced document Capture and processing capabilities.
    • Magnifying Locator: Precisely locates and magnifies OCR results, making data verification easier and more accurate.
    • Increased OCR Accuracy: The new database connector and line item enhancements, along with Magnifying Locator technology, increase OCR accuracy rates and reduce data verification time by more than 70%.
    • Enhanced Integration and Real-Time Monitoring: Improved integration capabilities and real-time monitoring features streamline digital transformation processes, ensuring seamless operations.

    OceanFax 9.0

    As Asia’s number one award-winning and best-selling fax server, OceanFax continues to lead the industry with its latest release, OceanFax 9.0. This update aligns with our roadmap to deliver innovative solutions that streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and achieve total automation for enterprises.

    Key Innovations in OceanFax 9.0:

    • WPS Conversion Function: Enhances the capability to convert documents, ensuring seamless faxing from WPS formats.
    • Tender Information Addition: When moving faxes to the tender box, additional tender information is automatically added.
    • Email PDF Handling: OceanFax can now directly send and receive PDFs from emails without the need for conversion, streamlining the e-TenderBox process.
    • Export Capabilities: Users can now export closed tenderbox tenders to PDF and Excel, offering greater flexibility in managing tender documents.
    • Role-Based Permissions: The tenderbox list is viewable based on user roles and permissions, ensuring that users cannot view or export tenderboxes without the necessary permissions.
    • EWS to Fax: Supports faxing via local exchange and Office 365, expanding integration capabilities with existing enterprise systems.

    OceanFax 9.0 also includes enhancements such as advanced WatchFolder capabilities, customized FaxView interfaces, Folder Name to Fax, QR to Fax functionalities, and more, ensuring that it remains the most comprehensive fax solution available.

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