OceanFax becomes part of eMPF platform for MPFA, provides high security Fax server to protect privacy data

Hong Kong – 30 Aug 2021 – The eMPF Platform of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) is a major infrastructure which aims to reshape administrative models of MPF schemes and to standardize, streamline and automate existing scheme administrative processes. It is the most significant reform of the MPF System since its introduction. Through adoption of new technologies and future-proof innovative solutions, the Platform will provide comprehensive MPF scheme administration services to 4.5 million MPF scheme members and 300,000 employers, bringing revolutionary changes to MPF ecosystem.

MPFA was tasked to design, build and operate the eMPF Platform.  When the eMPF Platform is fully implemented, it will enhance user experience, drive greater efficiency, flexibility and reliability of the operation of MPF schemes, as well as creating room for fee reduction and paving way for further reforms in the future.

MPFA select OceanFax as part of the eMPF Platform to automate their fax deliver and receive fax in a secure way. OceanFax provides high security controls to fully protect the privacy data of the eMFP Plafrom.

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