26/03/2020 – Macau Government Legal Organisation use OceanX ECM to Manage Legal Case Documents

Macau – Mar 26, 2020 – the government legal organisation of Macau currently signed a deal with OceanX to use OceanX ECM to manage legal case documents.

Before using OceanX ECM, they had to deal with huge amount of case documents manually, about 200 – 300 pages for each case, sometimes 1000 pages for one case. It was inefficient to search documents through traditional hard-copy filing system.  There is no control on document history and scanning process.

OceanX ECM is a powerful one-stop Document Management System in managing legal matter to improve processes. It enables organizations to securely Capture, Store, Organize, Share, and Collaborate on business-critical content; protect personal data with a high return on investment.


Project Highlight

  • The government department use OceanX ECM to automate her document Scan, Archive and Search operation in a very secure way. She use OceanX Capture to turn paper documents into electronic information and input to OceanX ECM, set different roles during scanning process. Supervisor can add comment to ask for rescan if the document is not clear. Scan Operator get comment and rescan. Log down all scan history and provide audit trial.
  • Using OceanX PDFX, they can easily add table-of-content, generate binder after finish a case, apply watermark, page no. and bate no. during create binder. Electronic signature will be added once confirmed.
  • User can search case documents based on case ID, volume no. or page no., view document and update metadata at the same time.
  • They can also use OceanX PDF Add-in to apply e-cert signature in the finished case.
  • OceanX Share provides secure documents share to external parties and it can control documents sharing such as no. of view time, period of sharing and password control etc.
  • In spite of traditional Tree View for document preview, OceanX ECM also provides innovative Document View function which is user-friendly for users during document capture process. Different users can set different way of document preview.


Why OceanX ECM?

The system provides a comprehensive document history, starting from document scan through OceanX Capture, document management in OceanX ECM, and finally create binder using OceanX PDFX. This function covers all modules of OceanX’s product and it is a unique function in the market.  



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