20/03/2020 – Kasikorn Securities Chose OceanFax As A Secure Fax Platform

Thailand – 20 Mar 2020 – Kasikorn Securities prohibits users sending faxes to unauthorized recipients. After evaluating the market fax servers, only OceanFax is providing this security feature to the user. OceanFax can set up a Secure Phonebook that users can only select fax recipient in the Secure Phonebook, and does not allow users to enter manually. This protects the company’s privacy and does not disclose confidential documents to unauthorized parties.


Project Highlight

  • Print to fax
  • Each user will have outbound white list depend on only his / her customer
  • White list for each user updated regularly
  • IT can send above white list update file in CSV file format
  • Watermark in every fax out


Why OceanFax?

  • High security setting
  • Flexible to integrate with back-end systems


About Kasikorn Securities

KASIKORN Securities is a component of the KASIKORN Bank Group, which is one of the leading financial service provider conglomerates in the country. The Group’s strong and solid business infrastructure is supported by long years of experience and proven track record and expertise in the financial sector. This also forms part of the foundation of KASIKORN Securities.


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