Hong Kong, China – 13 June, 2024 – OceanX Technology Limited and Active e-Solution Limited are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of their collaborative workshop, “Enhancing the Efficiency of Public Service Provision through the Adoption of OceanX ECM, OceanX WorkFlow & OceanX Portal,” held on 13 June, 2024.

The workshop received an enthusiastic response with 15 Bureaus and Departments and 38 attendees. After the presentation and demo, participants actively engaged by asking insightful questions and expressing keen interest in the showcased solutions.

Attendees explored real-world case studies demonstrating successful transitions from manual workflows to digital platforms across various government departments, including document management, workflow optimization, and database record system enhancement.

OceanX’s EIM Suite is a comprehensive platform comprising ECM, DMS, Workflow, Capture/OCR, Email management, and Collaboration portal, offering cutting-edge intelligent enterprise information management to drive forward an enterprise’s digital transformation efforts. Its patented BuildingBlocks technology provides a user interface without programming to enhance user adoption.


Lotus Notes Application Revamp:

  • Document Management – DMS, Internal Memo System, Portal / Intranet, Bulletin Board
  • Workflow – Meeting Room Reservation System, Electronic Applications, Accident Investigation System, Application Approval System
  • Database Record System – Support / Incident / Compliant Log System, Database Record System

e-Government Audit for Permit Applications:

  • Conducted e-Government Audit to automate manual operations.
  • Unified permit application forms and information from various channels.
  • Streamlined workflows for online public e-services.

Digital Consultancy Management System (DCMS):

  • Deployed Digital Consultancy Management System (DCMS) for project management.
  • Utilized Project Management Submodule for effective project execution and monitoring.
  • Implemented Document Management Submodule for efficient handling of electronic files and reports.

MS SharePoint Replacement:

  • Adopted OceanX ECM/WorkFlow as a local innovation product.
  • Ensured independence from foreign technology to mitigate risks of foreign sanctions.
  • Leveraged full-featured Enterprise Information Management (EIM) capabilities.

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