Epson Hong Kong Ltd. selected OceanFax to replace existing RightFax fax server, using OceanFax cloud service with email integration to easily manage all faxes and emails in office.

Hong Kong – 13 April 2016 – Epson Hong Kong Ltd. recently signed a contract with OceanFax to replace its RightFax with OceanFax Fax Server with the flexible cloud service to powerfully integrate with its email server, preferring the flexibility to choose from rental or on premise implementation to only pay the monthly rental fee to use the full fax service.

The case only spent one day to implement the system efficiently in Epson Hong Kong Ltd. The efficient, reliable and cost effective solution OceanFax provides deeply impresses Epson Hong Kong Ltd., and will bring this company to the brighter future to the total office automation.


Project Highlight

· Replace old RightFax with Powerful Oceanfax Server

· Monthly rental basis

· CPEXP to OPEXP, not own an asset in company account system

· Email integration

· DDI function


Why OceanFax?

· Flexible to choose rental or on premises

· Provide totally reliable and cost effective solution

· Only one day implementation time


About Epson Hong Kong Ltd.
Epson is a global imaging and innovation leader whose product lineup ranges from inkjet printers and 3LCD projectors to sensors and other micro devices. Established in 1980, Epson Hong Kong Ltd. (formerly Epson Electronics Trading Limited) is responsible for sales, marketing and services in Hong Kong, Macau and Mongolia. Epson products include information related equipment (printers, scanners, and projectors), electronic devices (TFT displays, semiconductors, and quartz crystals), Point of Sales (POS) products and a wide range of Watch Movement. It has always committed to provide customers with true value in form of products and services that satisfy their needs.

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