10 Steps to Successful Implementation of OceanX ECM

  1. Formation of the Core Team

Initiate the transition to OceanX ECM by identifying key roles within your team. Present the proposal to leadership, emphasizing the drawbacks of maintaining the status quo and accentuating the benefits of OceanX ECM. Once leadership endorses the change, enlist their support in effectively communicating these advantages throughout the organization.


  1. Communication and Benefit Promotion

Maintain consistent and transparent communication throughout the transition. Internally educate your team on the rationale behind the change, emphasizing the current deficiencies of the existing system and highlighting the advantages of OceanX ECM. Utilize diverse communication channels, including structured meetings, informative materials, and interactive sessions.


  1. Identification of Internal Teams

Engage key stakeholders from the outset to ensure a seamless OceanX ECM implementation. Collaborate within your organization to identify power users and teams capable of providing valuable feedback for system architecture and environment testing.


  1. Initiation and Analysis

During this critical stage, we will conduct a comprehensive system analysis and performance modeling. This process aims to understand current data structures and identify necessary modifications. Identify any preparatory projects essential for a smooth transition to OceanX ECM.


  1. System Education

Work closely with your administrative team and our implementation experts to acquire an in-depth understanding of document organization, profiling, and security capabilities within OceanX ECM. This knowledge forms the foundation for designing the optimal system for your organization.


  1. Design and Build

Facilitate strong collaboration between internal process experts and our external technical professionals to construct the OceanX ECM system. Gather feedback from key users to configure workspace templates and security measures. The objective is to create a system that enables users to operate effectively from day one.


  1. Testing and Acceptance

Migrate content into OceanX ECM after setting parameters and meeting technical requirements. Collaborate with our implementation and training teams to conduct rigorous quality control testing and finalize comprehensive training documentation.


  1. Pilot Deployment

Conduct a pilot deployment of the OceanX ECM environment within a designated practice group or department. This phase serves to identify and address any remaining roadblocks, with in-depth training sessions refining the training approach for the entire organization.


  1. Full-Scale Deployment

Following a successful pilot, deploy OceanX ECM across the entire firm. Conclude training activities with us, transition to OceanX ECM technical support teams, and establish regular meetings with your core members.


  1. Continuous Training and Support

To sustain the success of this initiative, ensure ongoing high user adoption by keeping training materials developed during implementation readily available for new hires. Train all relevant roles from the outset to ensure everyone can effectively use OceanX ECM, operating at peak efficiency. By meticulously following these ten milestones, your team can securely and efficiently collaborate on documents within the OceanX ECM system, ensuring a successful and productive transition to this document management solution.

Ready to embrace the capabilities of OceanX ECM? Connect with us today for a consultation and delve into the possibilities. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every phase, fostering enhanced productivity, seamless collaboration, and fortified security for your organization.