15/11/2023 – Cultural Development Fund of Macao SAR Government Enhances Operations with Advanced Document Management System

Hong Kong – November 15, 2023 – In a significant move towards modernizing operations, the Cultural Development Fund of Macao SAR Government announces a strategic collaboration with OceanX Technology Limited, a leader in digital transformation solutions. This partnership aims to leverage OceanX ECM, a comprehensive digital transformation solution, to revolutionize the Fund’s document processing and enhance efficiency in cultural management practices.

About the Partnership:

To empower cultural initiatives, the Cultural Development Fund collaborates with OceanX Technology Limited to implement an advanced document management system, namely OceanX ECM. This system is designed to enhance document creation, tracking, and collaboration, aligning with the Fund’s commitment to operational excellence.

Key Functionalities for Cultural Development Fund’s Objectives:

  • Tailored Document Creation and Classification:
    • Customizable data fields for efficient and specific document creation.
  • Streamlined Document Numbering:
    • Implementation of a specialized document numbering system tailored to operational needs.
  • Efficient Bulk Document Processing:
    • Capabilities for bulk document creation and numbering to support large-scale operations.
  • Secure Document Assignment and Collaboration:
    • Ensuring restricted access and collaboration features for assigned personnel.
  • Facilitated Document Association:
    • Establishment of document associations for enhanced referencing and analysis.

About OceanX Technology Limited:

OceanX Technology Limited is a leader in the field of digital transformation solutions, specializing in providing tailored solutions for governments and enterprises. This collaboration exemplifies OceanX Technology Limited’s commitment to delivering innovative technologies that meet the unique needs of their partners.

For more information about OceanX ECM, please visit here.