04/03/2024 – Robertsons Solicitors & Notaries Enhances Efficiency with OceanX ECM Legal Edition

Hong Kong – 04 March 2024 – Robertsons Solicitors & Notaries, a leading legal firm in Hong Kong, has upgraded to OceanX ECM Legal Edition. This tailored solution offers advanced features such as matter-centric organization and seamless PMS integration, enhancing security and email management. Collaborating with OceanX Technology Limited and Active e-Solution Ltd., Robertsons Solicitors & Notaries aims for streamlined workflows and improved client service, reflecting their commitment to operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Facing challenges in document management, Robertsons Solicitors & Notaries turned to OceanX ECM Legal Edition, which serves as a central library for matter documents with robust security and Affinity Lexis systems integration. Going paperless saves on storage costs, while Office and Outlook Add-ins simplify document filing and email management. OceanX ECM’s intuitive interface enhances searchability and knowledge management.

With OceanX ECM, Robertsons Solicitors & Notaries benefits from tailored solutions for the legal industry, streamlined email and document management, and comprehensive ECM capabilities.

About OceanX Technology Limited:

OceanX Technology Limited is a leader in the field of digital transformation solutions, specializing in providing tailored solutions for governments and enterprises. This collaboration exemplifies OceanX Technology Limited’s commitment to delivering innovative technologies that meet the unique needs of their partners.

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