28/02/2024 – HKSAR Department Adopts OceanX ECM with Collaboration Portal and Implements EFP, Including One-Stop Electronic Form Portal

Hong Kong – 28 Feb 2024 – A department within the HKSAR Government enhances collaboration and teamwork by adopting OceanX ECM, integrating it with the Electronic Form and Process (EFP) on the Government Cloud Infrastructure Services (“GCIS”), including Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (“OGCIO”) jAM Smart services and Chatbot-as-a-Service.

This web-based platform facilitates efficient communication, project management, and task delegation. With features like bulletin boards for announcements and document libraries for file sharing, the department streamlines workflows and fosters transparency. The EFP implementation includes services such as Application for a visit, Application for permission, and Notice. Additionally, the department will enhance existing services on OceanX ECM and develop a One-stop eForm portal to support different types of electronic form processing.

These initiatives mark a significant leap forward in the department’s efforts to modernize its processes and improve collaboration, optimizing productivity effectively.

About OceanX Technology Limited:

OceanX Technology Limited is a leader in the field of digital transformation solutions, specializing in providing tailored solutions for governments and enterprises. This collaboration exemplifies OceanX Technology Limited’s commitment to delivering innovative technologies that meet the unique needs of their partners.

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