17/10/2012 – Integrating with Civil Service Portal, OceanFax Drives Xiamen Municipal Government Efficiency

Xiamen, Fujian Province, China – 17 Oct 2012 – OceanX, the developer of the No.1 Best-selling OceanFax Fax Server, announced that China Telecom Xiamen Branch and Xiamen IT Service Center had selected OceanFax Fax Server to manage the mission-critical fax communications of Xiamen Municipal Government (also known as “The Government”), replacing its existing fax machines. Besides, OceanFax had been integrated with The Government’s Civil Service Portal, adding the fax feature to the portal and enabling online fax to solve the bottleneck in the system. By applying OceanFax, The Government dramatically increases efficiency and reduces costs and acts as an example to people in dedicating to protect environment by paperless and green operation.


Abandon fax machine

The Government has always been advocating paperless operation and green office with vigorous, and also acts as an example to carried out the “Wisdom-government” scheme firmly. Under the scheme, The Government has built its own Civil Service Portal, Email System and Extranet’s secondary network. Every day, over 50 departments, including over 30,000 civil servants access the Civil Service Portal to search information, dial out and receive calls, send and receive SMSes and have the video conference calls. By shifting its daily operation from the traditional paper-based approach to an online electronic application, The Government dramatically improves efficiency and effectiveness and implements the concept of low-carbon energy-saving.


However, due to the Civil Service Portal doesn’t support fax feature, The Government had to rely on fax machines to manage its fax communications. The extremely high volume of faxes The Government sends and receives daily leads to the great waste of paper, which is incompatible with the concept of low-carbon energy and became the bottleneck of promoting the “wisdom-government” scheme. In addition, fax machines don’t support the intelligent fax management features, except fax delivery and receipt. That’s why The Government’s fax efficiency is low and its entire effectiveness cannot be further improved.


OceanFax has a significant brand advantage

To meet this challenge, The Government was keen to install a suitable e-fax system to automate fax communication and also wanted to integrate the system with the Civil Service Portal to enable online faxing anytime, anywhere.


As the communication service provider of The Government, China Telecom Xiamen Branch said, several famous fax server brands competed to win the deal and all the applicants underwent a strict and rigorous selection. After evaluation, the Branch and Xiamen IT Service Center were convinced OceanFax Fax Server, with innovative and powerful features and good user operating experience – easy to learn and use, neat and intuitive interface, user-friendly operation, customizable – was the most suitable solution to meet The Government’s needs.


Two-phase Implementation

During the implementation, The Government applies OceanFax Enterprise Fax Server V3.0.


In the current first phase, 2 E1 digital lines and 60 fax channels are applied. The total number of users is 5,000. The daily fax volume is 2,000 pages. Besides all the major advanced features are applied, OceanFax is also integrated with The Government’s Civil Service Portal, Email System and Extranet’s secondary network and even the custom streamlined fax web client on Civil Service Portal is also built.


In the upcoming second phase, the total number of users is estimated to 20,000. The daily fax volume will amount to 8,000 pages. The mobile fax feature will be added, which supports the mainstream mobile platforms, including Android, IOS and supports web client operating in extranet, as well as multi-user load and remote fax card installation.


Feature Highlights

  • Electronic Faxing – Send and receive faxes from desktop to replace paper-based faxing, supporting all the MS office document formats
  • Web Access – A customized Civil Service Portal web client. Users can access to the client to send, receive and manage their faxes via IE anytime, anywhere
  • Independent Extension – Each user can send and receive faxes by their own independent fax extension to ensure privacy
  • Black & White List Filtering – Block junk faxes by adding their senders to black list.
  • Auto Archive, Auto Backup and Single Click Restore – The system automatically backs up data daily. Once a disaster occurs, system administrators can restore all stuff with a single click.
  • Quick Search – Quickly search the history faxes by fuzzy or precise query
  • Fax Report Generator – Generate detailed and complete fax reports, facilitating the department in charge to monitor and analyze fax data
  • Data Security – Support AES symmetric key encryption and HTTPS/SSL security transfer to ensure data security
  • Super User – a kind of special account that is specially designed for the employees handling sensitive data, which has the privilege of the highest security and absolute confidentiality of fax, even administrators have no right to access its faxes.
  • Central Management – System administrators manage all faxes in one server.

The Government expects HK$3.71 million of savings annually

If the daily fax volume is 1,000 pages, according to the consumables costs (printing paper, fax paper, excluding ink cartridges and other consumption), communication costs (the average time spent to send or receive one-page fax, long distance cost) and labor costs, the daily cost of a business fax machine is HK$1,572, and subsequently the annual cost of a business fax machine is HK$573,780. Accordingly, the daily cost of a fax server is HK$300, the annual cost of a fax server is subsequently is HK$109,500. In total, the annual saving is: HK$573,780-HK$109,500=HK$464,280.


According to its daily fax volume of 8,000 pages, The Government expects HK$3.71 million of savings annually after applying OceanFax Fax Sever.

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