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Date: 6  December, 2023

Time : 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Venue : Online Conference Platform

Language : Cantonese

Admission : Free of Charge

Enquiries : 2969 3232

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Co-organized by : Active e-Solution Ltd and OceanX Technology Ltd

Comprehensive Document Management System and WorkFlow Solution for Smart Government
In this webinar, we’ll share some D/Bs convert their manual workflows to digital:
  • Department A – Lotus Notes application Revamp
    • Document Management – DMS, Internal Memo System, Portal / Intranet, Bulletin Board
    • WorkFlow – Meeting Room Reservation System, Electronic Applications, Accident Investigation System, Application Approval System
    • Database Record System – Support / Incident / Compliant Log System, Database Record System
  • Department B – e-Government Audit for Permit Applications
    • Transforming manual operations and workflows into an electronic automation system.
    • Capturing permit application forms and information through mail, email, fax, and website into a unified platform.
    • Streamlining workflows for online public e-services
  • Bureau C – Digital Consultancy Management System (DCMS)
    • “Project Management Sub module” facilitate project management and execution of projects. Monitor and control of the delivery of the deliverables.
    • “Document Management Sub module” implement for pursuing effective management of electronic files / documents / reports / drawings.
  • Department D – MS Sharepoint Replacement
    • OceanX ECM/WorkFlow – local innovation product (ITF SERAP – E/P047/14, ITF ESS – B/E033/16)
    • Not rely on any foreign technology, will not be affected by foreign sanctions

    Full features EIM

OceanX’s EIM Suite is a complete platform that includes ECM, DMS, Workflow, Capture/OCR, Email management, and Collaboration portal that provide state-of-the-art intelligent enterprise information management to help drive an enterprise’s digital transformation efforts forward. Its patented BuildingBlocks technology provides user interface without programming to increase user adoption.

OceanX ECM is local innovation product, more flexible & cost effective.


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