Workshop Information

Do you have problems reviewing and approving important documents / projects?

Do you want a collaboration platform to manage project documentation?

Do you find difficulty managing your project / document status?

Do you want to improve efficiency of document / project process?


OceanX ECM and OceanX WorkFlow

  • Your Powerful Solution for Document WorkFlow!



OceanX ECM is a powerful one-stop Total Solution of Document WorkFlow. It includes Document WorkFlow, Document Capture, Document Management System, Document Share and many powerful features.

Workshop Details

  • OceanX WorkFlow – Automation and streamline business processes, reduces time and errors, improves quality of work.
  • OceanX Capture – Automatically converts paper documents to softcopy and input to ECM.
  • Outlook Add-in – Outlook Add-in integrates Microsoft Outlook with OceanX ECM system, enables users to store and manage emails directly in Microsoft Outlook interface.
  • Office Add-in – Office Add-in integrates Microsoft Office with OceanX ECM system.  It enables users to Open, Edit, Save or Create Versions of documents in OceanX ECM directly from Microsoft Office Interface.
  • Intelligent Folder – OceanX ECM consolidate emails, hard copy and soft copy documents into one system. Documents saved in a folder in OceanX ECM would inherit all metadata, indexes and access right automatically.
  • OceanX Share, OceanX Drive – Share / collaborate documents with internal and external users securely.
  • High Security Control – AES 256 encryption, document history, access control and audit trail.

Date : Jan 28, 2021

Time : 2:30-3:30p.m.

Venue : Online Conference Platform

Language : Cantonese

Admission : Free of Charge

Enquiries : 2969 3232

Co-organized by : Active e-Solution Ltd & OceanX Technology Ltd

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