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Date: 26  July, 2023

Time : 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

Venue : Online Conference Platform

Language : Cantonese

Admission : Free of Charge

Enquiries : 2969 3232

or email to

Co-organized by : Active e-Solution Ltd and OceanX Technology Ltd

OceanX ECM Legal Edition is developed with legal professionals in mind, with a Matter Centric Document and Email Management System. Providing a secure, efficient, encrypted system for managing documents and emails are important to lawyers in every type of practice.
In this Webinar, we’ll share how OceanX ECM helps you to increase efficiency and TVP Application
  • Matter Centric Document Management System – Intelligent matter folders, Know-how (Knowledge Management), Enterprise Search Engine and High Security.
  • Email Management – Automatically save incoming and outgoing e-mail messages to the Related Matter folder.
  • Enterprise Search Engine – Searching everything in ECM is like having Google in your law firm: Search thousands of folders, millions of documents, emails, timesheets, and notes in seconds.
  • Outlook Add-in – Embed ECM in Outlook. Manage your important email and documents in Single interface
  • Office Add-in – Provide version control, check in and check out. Protect your   document as a“Single Version Of The Truth”.
  • TVP Application – Introduce how to apply TVP and save up to 75% of the cost.
  • Successful Cases Sharing


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