Hong Kong, China – 9 Nov, 2020 – OceanX Technology Limited and Active e-Solution Limited jointly organized the “Comprehensive Enterprise Content Management Solution to Support Your Remote Office Work” online workshop on 6 Nov, 2020.

OceanX ECM is a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management system with powerful functions such as OceanX Capture, Outlook Add-in, Office Add-in, OceanX Share, OceanX Drive and high security setting. Its responsive web-based interface fits for all devices.



  • OceanX Capture – Automatically convert paper documents to softcopy and input to ECM
  • Office Add-in – Enables users to Open, Edit, Save or Create Versions of documents in OceanX ECM directly from Microsoft Office Interface, protect ‘Single Version of the Truth’
  • Email Management – Enables users to store and manage emails directly in Microsoft Outlook interface
  • Patented BuildingBlocks Responsive Web Interface – Personalized interface, increases user adoption rate, fits for all devices, enables users to manage documents anywhere
  • OceanX WorkFlow – Automation and streamline business processes, reduces time and errors, improves quality of work
  • OceanX Share, OceanX Drive – Share / collaborate documents with internal and external users securely
  • High Security Control – AES 256 encryption, document history, access control and audit trail


The participants responded enthusiastically and raised a lot of questions about OceanX ECM.

OceanX will continue to listen to clients’ needs, understand their industry requirements and upgrade enterprise content management solution with better and more efficient functions to meet fast-growing markets.


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