OceanX successfully held ” The Matter-Centric Enterprise Content Management for Legal Firms & Professional Service Firms” workshop

OceanX successfully held “The Matter-Centric Enterprise Content Management for Legal Firms & Professional Service Firms” workshop

Hong Kong, China – January 19, 2017 – OceanX, the leading Cloud-based Document Processing and Delivery Software provider, successfully organized the “The Matter-Centric Enterprise Content Management for Legal Firms & Professional Service Firms” workshop with Active e-Solution Limited on 18th January, 2017. The workshop introduced Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and explained how OceanX ECM helps legal firms and professional service firms manage client matters batter. Except for the basic functions of simplifying, storage, security and version control, OceanX ECM facilitates managing client matters by advanced features such as Electronic Client Matter Management ,Email management, Legal Case Management and PDFX.

Electronic Client Matter Documents Simplify Working Processes and Enhance Productivity in Legal Industry

The importance of OceanX ECM to legal industry is significant since it greatly enhances the efficiency and productivity. It is known that the manual work for arranging client matters occupies huge time and space for legal company. By using OceanX ECM, it helps professionals to convert all hard-copied client matter documents into electronic documents to storage in OceanX ECM, greatly improving the working processes and productivity by simplifying and space reduction.    

OceanX ECM Email Management, Legal Case Management and PDFX Make Legal Work More Convenient and Easier

Since email has become the most commonly-used working application, OceanX ECM smartly integrates with MS Outlook to help professionals manage all incoming and outgoing emails in OceanX ECM. Professionals can efficiently save MS Outlook files or attachments directly to OceanX ECM to accelerate processes. Moreover, the legal case management in OceanX ECM helps professionals to manage all matter opening process smoother. The PDFX tool helps professionals to present client matters well by flexibly converting documents into PDF or MS Word and binding them to a binder, with cover and table of contents (TOC).

OceanX ECM attracts participant’s eye by its up-to-date features to improve working processes

During the workshop, participants showed great interest to the OceanX ECM’s strong ability to manage, process, preserve, control and set security to manage critical client matters in legal industry. With OceanX ECM, they can easily manage its knowledge assets without worrying the loss or damage of important documents. OceanX ECM can effectively help professionals improve all working processes and enhance total customer service to company. 

About OceanX Cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – Support Cloud-based and On-premise Implementation
OceanX ECM (Enterprise Content Management) supports the cloud-based and multi-tenancy implementation. It is the content management solution where organization can securely discuss, share, and collaborate on critical business content. OceanX ECM refers to the process of information lifecycle started from creation, management, publication, archival and eventually disposal.

About OceanX Technology Limited

Founded in 2005 and Headquartered in Hong Kong, OceanX Technology Limited is a leading Enterprise Information Management and Delivery solution provider of Enterprise Wide Software Solutions. The pioneering and innovative solutions developed by OceanX include the award winning Oceanfax Fax Server solution, the OceanX ECM, OceanX DPC, OceanX Capture and OceanX PDFX solution. The solutions are being used by many middle to large companies and government departments around the world.

OceanX’s mission is to develop world-class solution for local markets. So, apart from branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and North America, OceanX has been developing worldwide reseller network for years in many countries such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, United States, Canada, UK, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Caribbean Countries, South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria & Australia.

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