29/01/2013 – The University of Macau Deploys OceanFax FoIP Compatible with Cisco IPT to Transition from Traditional to Paperless Faxing, Leveraging Investment in Existing Cisco VoIP infrastructure

Macau – 29 January 2013 – The University of Macau recently has selected OceanFax FoIP compatible with Cisco IPT for the effective transition from traditional to paperless faxing in Hengqin campus, replacing fax machine.




Technical Highlights – OceanFax FoIP Compatible with Cisco IPT

  • The global pioneering and Asia’s first boardless network fax solution
  • Leverage investment in existing Cisco VoIP infrastructure
  • No need for additional hardware for faxing

OceanFax FoIP is the global pioneering and Asia’s first boardless (software only) Fax over IP solution. Leveraging your investment in planned or existing IP telephony infrastructure, OceanFax FoIP supports real time fax transmission over the internet on a VoIP network, with the most advanced FoIP integration for Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft Lync, Siemen, Dialogic, Shoretel IPT and AudioCodes Fax/Voice gateways. OceanFax FoIP software is typically deployed and administered in virtual machine (VM) environment using VMware, Hyper-V and Virtual PC, instead of a physical server, with no need for additional hardware for faxing. As a mature, field-proven boardless FoIP solution, OceanFax FoIP is innovative, fast, secure and robust that has proven its market leadership in the FoIP industry, managing large fax volumes and delivers high levels of scalability, reliability and availability. By applying it, organizations drastically reduce telecom costs, protect document privacy more effectively and facilitate compliance with regulations, as well as seamlessly integrate Fax into Email, ERP and MFP. For more information, please visit
OceanFax FoIP.About OceanFax FoIP


About The University of Macau

The University of Macau (abbreviation: UM, Chinese: 澳門大學) has its origins in St. Paul´s College, founded in the 16th century by the Society of Jesus, and its modern reestablishment happened in 1981. It was the first and currently the largest university in Macau, a former Portuguese colony. The university offers Doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs. English is the main medium of Instruction. The University has two campuses, one is on Taipa Island and the other is on Hengqin Island.

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