16/04/2020 – TNT Express Worldwide (HK) Ltd. upgrade Faxboard solution to Oceanfax FoIP solution

Hong Kong – 16 Apr 2020 – TNT Express Worldwide (HK) Ltd. using OceanFax for more than 5 years and they are satisfied with the performance and service of OceanFax. They decided to upgrade the old OceanFax Faxboard solution to Oceanfax FoIP Solution, support VMWare.


Project Highlight

  • Upgrade Faxboard solution to Oceanfax FoIP Solution
  • Support VMWare Solution.
  • Support DDI Direct FAX
  • Support Win 10 Client


Why OceanFax?

  • Provide better redundancy solution
  • Office automation, Email integration with Exchange


About TNT Express Worldwide (HK) Ltd.

TNT Express, a FedEx company, is one of the world’s largest express delivery companies. On a daily basis, TNT Express delivers close to one million consignments ranging from documents and parcels to palletised freight. The company offers road and air delivery services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.


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