Swire Properties Ltd. chose OceanFax cloud deployment in a nature of monthly charge for general office automation and easy integration with mail server

Hong Kong – 21 December 2015 – Swire Properties subscribed a monthly plan for OceanFax cloud deployment to provide office automation service, replacing its existing RightFax server. The monthly plan offers Swire Properties a more flexible budget plan. With using VM technology, high availability was achieved and the risk of hardware failure was greatly reduced. OceanFax Cloud solution was easy to expand, support the system and integrate with mail server. As the new system supports all format of email to fax syntax, the system was totally transparent to users.


Project Highlight

  • OceanFax cloud deployment for general office automation
  • Replace existing RightFax server
  • High availability using VM technology


Why OceanFax?

  • Cloud base with monthly charge
  • Flexible budget plan
  • Easy integration with mail server
  • Easy to expand
  • Total transparent to users – Support both all format of email to fax syntax
  • Reduce risk of hardware failure
  • Easy System Support


About Swire Properties Ltd.

Swire Properties Ltd. is a property developer owner and operator of mixed-use properties, mainly commercial ones in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. Its headquarter office was stationed in Hong King since 1972. The company is a subsidiary of Swire Pacific Group. The three main areas of business of Swire Properties Ltd. are property investment, property trading and hotel investment and operations.