17/07/2014 – Standing Out from Tense Competition with Tested Avaya IPT Integration and More Mature and Reliable Boardless FoIP Solution, OceanFax FoIP Wins the Bid of Woodward Tianjin to Replace TraFax Board Solution for Software Only Fax over IP Deployment and Better Fax Automation

Tianjin, China – 17 July 2014 – Woodward (Tianjin) Controls Co., Ltd recently selected OceanFax Boardless FoIP solution to replace its existing TraFax board solution to enable boardless (software-only) Fax over IP solution for better fax automation.

In order to meet the company’s increasing fax requirements and support its long-term development, Woodward (Tianjin) decided to choose another best-fit fax server to replace its existing TraFax Board Solution. Several FoIP fax server brands were attracted to attend the competition. After careful tests and comparisons into details, the company finally decided to choose OceanFax Boardless FoIP solution, the global pioneering & Asia’s first boardless fax over IP solution that is the most mature and reliable among all the options and provides the tested and easy integration with Avaya IPT.

Project Highlights

  • Replace TraFax board solution with OceanFax boardless, software-only FoIP for better fax automation
    • The global pioneering and Asia’s first boardless network fax solution
    • Leverage investment in existing IP telephony infrastructure
    • No need for additional hardware for faxing
  • Stand out from tense competition with tested Avaya IPT integration and the most mature and reliable boardless FoIP solution


For more information, please visit:

  • OceanFax FoIP
  • OceanFax Now Rated Avaya Compliant


About Woodward (Tianjin) Controls Co., Ltd.

Woodward (Tianjin) Controls Co., Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Woodward, Inc. Woodward integrates leading-edge technologies into fuel, combustion, fluid, actuation, and electronic control systems for the aerospace and energy markets. The company’s growth is driven by the increasing demand for fuel-efficient, low-emission, and high-performance energy management. With multiple locations in fourteen countries, Woodward can respond quickly with solutions tailored to the local demands of its customers. The company’s leadership in energy control and optimization solutions is built on a strong foundation, dating back to 1870.

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