Po Leung Kuk selected OceanFax advanced server with FoIP with Oracle integration, replacing its current Rightfax for lower total cost of ownership, much higher image quality, easy management and achieving a certain level of high availability with the setting up of virtual machines.

Hong Kong – 21 March 2016 – Po Leung Kuk chose OceanFax advanced server with FoIP to replace its old Rightfax and integrate with its previous Oracle system. OceanFax system enables the purchase orders being generated from Oracle and send through which brings high efficiency and convenience.  Using Watch Folder method with flexible integration with Oracle, when conducting maintenance, support or service, both Oracle (previous customer’s system) and Oceanfax system do not affect each other. It is because both systems are operating independently and it only requires a share folder in the middle as an interface. As it achieves high availability with setting up by current virtual machines, the customer does not require to set many servers which achieves much lower total cost of ownership. Moreover, the image plus technology in the OceanFax solves the unclearness of image quality through fax by providing the highest quality of fax image and fax conversion in the field. OceanFax also eases the whole process of deploying, management and setting up.


Project Highlight

· OceanFax advanced server with FOIP replacing Righfax with Oracle integration.

· Purchase orders generated from Oracle will send through Fax


Why OceanFax?

· Flexible Integration with Watch Folder Method

· Much lower TCO compared to the existing Fax server Vender

· Image plus technology with much higher Fax quality

· Easy to deploy, manage and setup.

· Achieve a certain level of HA with VM setup


About Po Leung Kuk

The Po Leung Kuk is a leading social service organization and fundraiser in Hong Kong. It current runs over 260 units throughout Hong Kong providing welfare, educational, recreational and cultural services to the community.