OceanX announced the release of OceanX ECM, OceanX WorkFlow and OceanX Capture 6.0

Hong Kong, China – 20 Dec, 2022 – OceanX, the leading Enterprise Information Management provider in Asia, announced the release of OceanX ECM, OceanX WorkFlow and OceanX Capture 6.0.

The latest innovations in OceanX ECM, WorkFlow & Capture meet the needs of customer’s digital transformation strategies.  Empowering a digital workforce is critical to meeting the challenges of the digital world. OceanX helps our customer master modern workspace by using ECM & BPM.

OceanX Capture is a powerful Form OCR and data capture solution with patented technologies. The release of 6.0 version with powerful and innovative functions is our milestone to deliver the next generation cloud-based business solutions which help enterprises to achieve their digital transformation strategy and ESG.


  • OceanX ECM and WorkFlow

Traditional paperwork is out-dated, costly, inefficient and not environmental friendly. There is a global trend for enterprises and government organizations to digitalize their documents and working process. OceanX ECM helps enterprises manage their documents properly by connecting content to digital business.  OceanX WorkFlow change manual processing of documents to automated programs.

Our unique and awarded BuildingBlocks Technology is flexible to adapt to different enterprises and change its interface and functionality according to customer’s requirements without programming. In OceanX ECM 6.0, the newly designed BuldingBlocks makes it easier to develop custom applications.

In our new release of OceanX ECM and WorkFlow 6.0, documents are automatically store in specified directory. User don’t need to waste time to distinguish the documents manually. User can sign document in preview area inside task approval interface, achieve paperless approval process. We also have enhancement of powerful search functions and security level of the system.


  • OceanX Capture

Powerful capture solution is one of the key factor for the digitalization strategies of enterprises and government organizations. We have the most powerful Form OCR and data capture solution in the market, with patent CapturePlus, ImagePlus and Magnifying Locator technologies.

In OceanX Capture 6.0, database connector and line item and Magnifying Locator increase OCR accuracy rate and save user verify data more than 70% of time. We have other powerful new features such as Support file diversion, Document Page Order Adjustment, Automatic Rotation of the Document, Multi-value text Assignment, extended functions of Custom Action …etc.

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