OceanX successfully held “A New Generation of Enterprise Content Management” workshop

OceanX successfully held “A New Generation of Enterprise Content Management Workshop”

Hong Kong, China – September 14, 2016 – OceanX, the leading Cloud-based Document Processing & Delivery Software provider, successfully organized the “A New Generation of Enterprise Content Management Workshop” with Active e-Solution Limited on 8th September, 2016. The workshop introduced pioneering Enterprise Content Management and explained how OceanX ECM helps companies manage corporate information easier through simplifying, storage, security, version control, process routing and retention.

OceanX ECM provides pioneering features to enhance company efficiency

OceanX ECM is the first cloud-based Enterprise Content Management System in the market. Unlike the traditional Enterprise Content Management System with required customization, one of the powerful features of OceanX ECM, Building Blocks, enable users to create their own interface to fit the departmental requirements without customization. To enhance work efficiency, OceanX ECM integrates with MS Office, allowing users to directly open, save and check Word, Excel, PowerPoint files etc. in ECM interface. Users are not required to save MS office files first and upload to ECM interface. Moreover, OceanX ECM supports ‘multi-tenancies, multi-sites” – multiple tenants share same infrastructure and each tenant has his own system administrators to handle his users. This characteristic provides flexible storage for companies and help minimize their investment. All the above brilliant features are those that few local enterprise content management provider in the market offers.

The participants responded enthusiastically and raised a lot of questions about OceanX ECM

Through the workshop, the participants showed great interest to the newly developed OceanX Enterprise Content Management. Some were concerned about the access right setting and sharing issue. Indeed, based on different users, primary users can edit different settings. For example, one can set someone who can only view but cannot download files. Easy sharing is a very essential element in companies and OceanX ECM allows users to share documents to different users in the format of a link with the whole process being found in the audit trial. Moreover, OceanX ECM supports archive functions – users can set files from certain period of time to be moved out- and is certified by HTTP protocol that is mobile responsive.

In order to ease process of managing corporate information, OceanX will continue to listen to clients’ needs, understand their industry requirements and upgrade enterprise content management solution with better and more efficient functions to meet fast-growing markets.

About OceanX Technology Limited
Founded in 2005 and Headquartered in Hong Kong, OceanX Technology Limited is a leading Cloud-based Document Processing & Delivery Software provider of Enterprise Wide Software Solutions. The pioneering and innovative solutions developed by OceanX include the award winning Oceanfax Fax Server solution, the OceanX ECM solution and the OceanX DPC solution. The solutions are being used by many government departments and large corporations around the world.

OceanX’s mission is to develop world-class solution for local markets. So, apart from branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and North America, OceanX has been developing worldwide reseller network for years in many countries such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, United States, Canada, UK, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Caribbean Countries, South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria & Australia.