OceanX Attended AGM of HKSiA for Year 2010/2011 and Cyberport Network Dinner

Mr. Tse Chiu Hing, OceanX CEO, was invited to attend the AGM of HKSiA for the Year 2010/2011 and Cyberport Network Dinner on 31st August in Le Meridien Cyberport Hotel. The event was organized by Hong Kong Software Industry Association.


As one of council members of HKSiA, Mr. Tse Chiu Hing, on behalf of OceanX, has been actively attended all kinds of events in Hong Kong software industry, keeping updated with the latest IT trends.


Dr. Samson Tam, Legislative Councilor delivered the speech on ICT policies recommendations and Mr. LEE Jee Yin, Alex, Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (IT Strategy) shared the government’s latest Cloud Computing Strategy respectively with attendees.


The Chairman of the Cloud Computing Sub-Committee of HKSiA, Mr. Eddie Chan, provided a short briefing on the latest Cloud Computing development in the local ICT industry.


Having a nice and animated talk and sharing the points of views in software industry with one another over dinner, Mr. Tse and all the other attendees had a very enjoyable time at the evening event.