11/05/2011 – Mintai Hydraulics Shanghai Integrates OceanFax with OceanFlow Fax Approval and Chop Feature for Efficient and Cautious Fax Delivery

Shanghai – 11 May 2011 – Recently Mintai Hydraulics Shanghai Co., Ltd. Signed with OceanX for its OceanFax Fax Server, the No.1 Fastest Growing Fax Server and the Fax Approval and Chop feature of its another flagship OceanFlow system.


Established in 2001 and obtained ISO9001 certificate in 2005, Mintai Hydraulics Shanghai has been mainly engaged in the design and production of hydraulic field products for more than 10 years, including pleated filter elements, Suction filters, Return filters, Vane Pumps and Valves. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with a factory of 20,000 square meters.


The third-party systems OceanFax is integrated with

  • OceanFlow Fax Approval and Chop feature
  • Email


Elaboration of the Integration into OceanFlow in the Project
Mintai’s design department needs to fax their design drawings to customers with OceanFax. Yet, senders must submit the drawings to the department manager for approval before faxing out, because all of the drawings are business secrets. That’s why Mintai chose to integrate OceanFax with OceanFlow Fax Approval and Chop feature, to achieve the aim of efficient and cautious fax delivery.


Because approvers must sign the drawings with e-chops and all the approved documents must be archived, Chop Control plays an important role in approval process. Role-based authorization ensures chop security.


Once the documents are approved in OceanFlow, they are automatically delivered to OceanFax to fax out.


About OceanFlow
OceanFlow – Approval & Workflow system is an easy-to-use and cost-effective electronically approval system. It turns approval process from paper-driven to paperless by allowing approvers directly sign e-documents from desktop with e-signature and e-chop.

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