02/04/2019 – Kerry Properties and MegaBox selected OceanFax TenderBox solution

Hong Kong – 2 Apr 2019 – Kerry Property Management Services Limited and MegaBox Management Services Limited currently selected OceanFax TenderBox solution to cater inbound and outbound fax for RFQ.


Before using OceanFax, they have to manage the tenders manually, which involve a lot of paper, resources and space. In addition, they cannot restrict the access of tender records within tender period. OceanFax TenderBox solution helps them to collect tender in a secure and handy way.


A Kerry Tender Team includes different roles for their members. 


After user request for RFQ which has been approved by their supervisor, their OA system will generate tender and send to OceanFax. OceanFax will create new tender box and send outgoing tender to contractors through OceanFax.  All outgoing tenders will include cover page with a QR code which is generated by OceanFax.


After contractors return the tender through fax, users cannot open the tender before closing date. Users can login to OceanFax system to check fax records but cannot open the faxes until closing date. Users can view and operate all fax records belong to their Tender Team via Web interface.

Project Highlight

• OceanFax Advanced server 
• OceanFax TenderBox

• OceanFax Barcode Generator


Why OceanFax?

• Powerful TenderBox function fit for their requirements 
• Easy to integrate with their OA system 
• User-friendly interface and function

• Only OceanFax can provide TenderBox function



About Kerry Property Management Services Limited

Kerry Property Management Services Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kerry Properties Limited, a publicly listed property developer in Hong Kong with extensive presence in Hong Kong and in the PRC. It is a well-established property management company managing mixed portfolio of prestigious residential & commercial properties.

About MegaBox Management Services Limited

MegaBox Management Services Limited is also a member of Kerry Properties Limited. MegaBox in Kowloon Bay comprise 500,000 sf of Grade A office and 1,100,000 sf of innovative shopping area. It stands as a new shopping hotspot in East Kowloon area with our shopping re-defined concept.

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