19/05/2010 – A Key Government Department Signs with OceanX to Automate Fax Process for Quick Notification

Hong Kong – 19 May 2010 – Hong Kong Government plays a crucial role in Hong Kong society. To regulate and serve the society, it must response quickly and acts swiftly. Especially when an emergency occurs, the government must notify the relative departments and organizations for cooperation instantly and response together quickly.


To meet the needs, a key department of Hong Kong government has awarded a contract to OceanX, one of the leading Fax Server solution providers in Hong Kong and Mainland China market, to provide with its flagship Fax solution – OceanFax Fax Server, to automate Fax process for quick notification.


OceanFax Fax Server is one of the most innovative fax servers in the world, which automates High-volume document delivery, making it is easy and cost-effective. With its powerful functions and easy-to-use feature, OceanFax caught the department’s eyes and was chosen to automate its fax process to improve efficiency.


For example, when an emergency occurs, the department must inform all the relative departments and organizations swiftly by fax, which is more formal and credible than email, and cooperates with them to response quickly.


Because the staff are used to the traditional way of sending fax in hard copy by fax machine, OceanX offered the specially-designed solution to cater to their habits. Staff chooses fax lines and sends hard copy signed by several heads of the department by fax machine to OceanFax. This is because they needn’t turn on a computer and log in the system, which takes time when it’s urgent. The fax to OceanFax shows Sender’s Fax No., which is not editable. In this way, OceanFax identifies if it is credible and acceptable according to its receiving white list. After confirming, OceanFax will accept and broadcast the fax to all the recipients in the phonebook accordingly.



  • Improve efficiency by mass fax
  • Easy to track fax status and monitor the result
  • Friendly to user by following existing fax practice
  • Fast return of investment by cutting telephone bill and reducing paper use
  • Act as an example to people in dedicating to protect environment by paperless operation


“OceanFax is really helpful in mass fax delivery. The more we use it, the more convenient we feel, especially when it’s urgent. “Said Head of the department,” OceanFax enables us to act quickly and work easily. This powerful IT tool helps us serve the society quicker and better!” He concluded with satisfactory.

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