Fuji Electronic (Shenzhen) Ltd. chose OceanFax FoIP 4-channels solutions solution to integrate with SAP together with SMTP e-mail integration, of which the new system is equipped with Barcode Generator, Barcode OCR & Routing, Barcode OCR Auto-Faxing and OceanFax Production Messaging Server.

Shenzhen – 14 September 2015 – Fuji Electric chose OceanX Shenzhen to create customized solution for them. They required to proceed purchase orders (hereafter named as “PO”) from fax and email at the same time and PO numbers have to be converted to barcodes printed on PO. They also requested a solution with better SAP integration, email integration & fax automation. Using sophisticated and unique technique, OceanFax system uses Barcode OCR to capture PO information in barcodes and then instantly updates SAP system. The Barcode Generator function enables users to add barcodes into PO confirmation documents generated from faxes and emails. Through Barcode OCR auto-faxing, PO is then sent by fax to suppliers for confirmation automatically after barcodes are added on the PO. After that, users can receive signed PO confirmation from suppliers through fax & email in OceanFax. The solution simplifies the procedure of adding barcodes without SAP expensive implementation cost. PO status is continuously updated in SAP without manual input. OceanFax solution can also achieve sending emails and faxes at the same time with SAP integration which few fax server provides in the market can do.


Project Highlight

  • Barcode Generator
  • Barcode OCR & Routing
  • Barcode OCR Auto-Faxing
  • Send out PO via both fax and email
  • Integration with SAP
  • OceanFax Production Messaging Server
  • SMTP e-mail integration
  • OceanFax FoIP, 4 channels


Why OceanFax?

  • Sophisticated and unique technique
  • Very few fax server products in the market which allows sending emails and faxes at the same time with SAP Integration but OceanFax can achieve this
  • Provide high-quality maintenance service by Shenzhen Office


About Fuji Electronic (Shenzhen) Ltd.

Fuji Electronic (Shenzhen) Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Fuji Electric Group in Japan, which was established in 1995. It mainly focuses in designing, conducting research and manufacturing laser printers, printer toners, inspecting tube of photoreceptive drum , OCP photoreceptive drum, toners(recyclable), organic photoconductors, developer roller, printer kits, printer kit accessories, power electronic device, power electronic components and power semiconductor device, coins validator and dollar notes validator.