Farglory Land Development Co Ltd select OceanX ECM to automate and digitalize their contract management process

Taiwan – 7 Oct 2021 – Farglory Land Development is a listed company in construction industry. It has numerous contracts to prepare and follow up every day. Before using OceanX ECM, their manual process of handling hard copy contracts is very time-consuming, inefficient and not cost-effective. They cannot check contract approval status.

OceanX ECM Contract management solution helps them to manage contract life-cycle including template preparation, amendment, version control, approval, sending and renew or termination. OceanX ECM centralize all contracts in one place, enable users to discuss and review the contract together in a collaborate platform. Using OceanX WorkFlow, users can easily manage contract approval processes by automatically distributing approval task to person with authority. Office Add-in provides Version Control to achieve “single version of the truth”. OceanX Capture convert paper documents to softcopy and input to OceanX ECM.

OceanX ECM helps them to fully automated and digitalized contract management process, shorten the contract process from 1 month to 1 week.

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