07/08/2017 – EnTie Bank chose OceanFax Fax Appliance

Taiwan – 7 Aug 2017 – EnTie Bank currently signed a deal with OceanX to implement OceanFax Fax Appliance.

OceanFax Fax Appliance is an all-in-one, plug-and-play fax solution specially. It is equipped with all the features and capabilities those you need and comes with all the necessary hardware and software to allow you to easily send and receive faxes from the desktop, web, email and MFP and enable production faxing from backend systems.


Project Highlight

• OceanFax Fax Appliance


Why Oceanfax?

• Centralize Management of all faxes

• Easy to use

About EnTie Commercial Bank

EnTie Commercial Bank Co. Ltd. is a Taiwan-based commercial bank. It mainly provides corporate financial business including corporate finance business such as lending, trade financing, cash management, trust, loan and structured finance, as well as financial market businesses such as fund transfer, asset liability management and interest rate / exchange rate related product transactions. The Bank also provides personal financial services, including consumer finance business such as mortgage loans, personal loans and credit cards, as well as wealth management business and personal trust business such as insurance, mutual funds and structured investment products.

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