Electrical & Mechanical Services Department replaced its existing RightFax with OceanFax advanced server with SAP integration due to the fact that the customer service and account department have to handle a high volume of outgoing fax daily.

Hong Kong – 3 February 2016 – Electrical & Mechanical Services Department adopted OceanFax appliance with Stamp & approval module for their tender process. The client achieved an approval flow with OceanFax for their tender broadcast. Also with the OceanFax unique “super user” and encryption feature, the client can enhance the security on their incoming Fax tender records.


Project Highlight

· High volume of Fax document broadcasting.

· Appliance base for easy management

· Using OceanFax Stamp and approval module to approve broadcasting tender documents.

· OceanFax integrate with MFP and achieve centralized Fax records storage with encryption.


Why OceanFax?

· Appliance base and easy to manage

· High performance on the tender release

· OceanFax Stamp and approval module to provide additional functions on top of Fax server.

· User-friendly OceanFax client interface

· OceanFax Quick search and Outlook -like preview function highly improve users’ efficiency when retrieving fax records

· Build-in Fax archive in OceanFax

· Flexible and consistent integration with MFP

· Highly stable and reliable


About Electrical & Mechanical Services Department

Electrical & Mechanical Services Department is a department of Hong Kong SAR Government, providing regulatory and trading services for upgrading the safety and quality of life of Hong Kong. The Regulatory Services arm runs a wide range of divisions each specializing in various areas of mechanical safety, gas safety, electrical safety, railway safety, energy efficiency and utilities monitoring. For the trading services, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund (EMSTF) provides a great variety of E&M engineering services to over 80 government departments / bureau and public units in Hong Kong.