E Fund Management (HK) Co. Ltd. integrated its current MFP system with OceanFax cloud-based service flexibly for higher performance, lower cost of ownership, high security and easy management.

Hong Kong – 31 August 2015 – E Fund Management (HK) Co Ltd chose OceanFax cloud-based service with flexible integration with MFP system. Using the new system, E Fund Management (HK) Co. Ltd. can greatly reduce its total cost of ownership, upgrade its performance and ease the system management due to the user-friendly interface and VM server setting.  The fax data mining function allows users to search and filer faxes rapidly which brings high work efficiency. The new OceanFax system also enhances security level with AES 256 encryption.


Project Highlight

  • Integration with MFP and provide Cloud base Fax service to users


Why OceanFax?

  • Low TCO
  • Flexible integration
  • VM server easy to manage and provide HA ability
  • High Security with AES 256 encryption
  • Fax data mining – Quick search and filter
  • User Friendly interface
  • High performance


About E Fund Management (HK) Co. Ltd.

Under the parent company E Fund, E Fund Management (HK) Co. Ltd. (hereafter named as “E Fund HK”) was officially set up in 2008. E Fund HK has a subsidiary in New York, and listed several RQFII ETFs and RQFII/QFII public funds, at six stock exchanges across the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. The strong performance of its award-winning products have gained a lot of recognitions from leading companies such as institutions such as Morningstar, Lipper, AsianInvestor and Benchmark. To integrate with parent company’s global expansion strategies, E Fund HK is devoted to offering high-quality asset management services for onshore and offshore investors in China and US ADR markets.