09/11/2010 – D&B Decides with Confidence to Utilize OceanFax for Effective Mass Fax Promotion with OceanFax’s Unique Do-not-call List Filter Function

Hong Kong – 9 November, 2010 – Dun & Bradstreet (HK) Ltd signed a deal with OceanX to implement her flagship Fax solution – OceanFax Fax Server for effective mass fax marketing promotion to drive business growth.


D&B (NYSE DNB) is the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses, enabling customers to Decide with Confidence® for over 168 years. Headquartered in USA, D&B employs has office in 30+ countries and correspondents in 140+ countries. Established in 1981, Dun & Bradstreet (HK) Ltd. now employs over 100 dedicated associates in Hong Kong.


Through the D&B Worldwide Network, customers gain access to the world’s largest and highest quality global commercial business information database of over 150 million business records.


To continuously drive the business growth, D&B HK needs to promote her updated database to numerous existing customers and global potential customers frequently. The marketing department desperately needs an effective IT tool to help send mass fax to numerous businesses quickly and savingly.


OceanFax Fax Server is one of the most innovative fax servers in the world, which automates High-volume electronic document delivery, making it is easy and cost-effective. With its powerful functions and easy-to-use feature, OceanFax caught the department’s attention and was chosen to automate the fax process to improve efficiency.


Technical Highlights – Black & White List Filtering

From OFTA website, User downloads Do-not-call List, namely Black List, with half million fax numbers and installs it into OceanFax Server. OceanFax is the only Fax Server in the world supporting OFTA format. If some organizations are willing to receive the fax, yet their fax numbers are included in the Do-not-call list already, User can add their fax number to White List, which is originally installed in OceanFax. In this way, User sends electronic document by mass fax through Black List for screening and White List for taking fax numbers back from Black List because of their willingness to receive Fax. Thus User needs not one by one delete the fax numbers of who are willing to receiving the fax from half million fax numbers in Black List. Otherwise it will be time-assuming and impractical!


“We are proud of enabling customers to Decide with Confidence for over 168 years, and now the user-friendliness of OceanFax enables us to decide with confidence!” says Marketing Director of D&B Hong Kong, “With OceanFax, our promotion generates much more sales leads than before because we are able to reach a large base of existing and potential customers daily. The sales volume soars right after we buy OceanFax because of the effective mass fax marketing with it. On the contrary, we work leisurely and the fax bill is down to nothing! Nobody calls me Lavish Guy any more. OceanFax is really magical!”

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