Department of Health replaced its existing fax solution with OceanFax Appliance which provides fax automation for the back-end system.

Hong Kong – 25 August 2015 – To achieve fax automation and flexible integration with the back-end system, OceanFax was chosen by Department of Health to replace its current fax solution for the back-end system.  With fax automation, the customer can reduce human costs to input fax information i.e. fax number every day and thus the total cost of ownership is highly reduced. OceanFax system, as an appliance base, together with AES 256 encryption, enables users to manage easily and achieve high security. Since it is not safe to send important information through email, by using OceanFax solution, Department of Health can prevent any patient information being stolen or leaked to outsiders.


Project Highlight

  • Fax automation for the back-end system


Why OceanFax?

  • Low TCO
  • Flexible integration
  • Appliance base easy to manage
  • High Security with AES 256 encryption
  • Support Unicode
  • Avoid patient information being stolen or leaked


About Department of Health

Department of Health is a department under the Hong Kong SAR Government which acts as a health adviser and consulting agency to implement health-related policies and statutory functions. It protects the health of Hong Kong citizens through promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services as well as promoting community partnership and international collaboration.