City Super Replaces RightFax with OceanFax and Adds Auto Fax Feature to Procurement System

Hong Kong – 2 September 2013 – City Super Limited recently selected OceanFax Fax Server to replace its existing RightFax for better fax automation and easy integration with its procurement system, adding auto fax feature to the system.

Though the company’s procurement system can generate purchase orders in searchable PDF format, it has no fax function at all. Users have to fax POs one by one manually. These manual processes takes many staff half-day every morning just for faxing POs.


The company decided to go for OceanFax, which provides auto-fax function by automatically capturing the fax information in the POs and then faxing them out. The unnecessary half-day workload is then reduced to 30 seconds.


Project Highlights

  • Replace RightFax with OceanFax
  • Integrate with the procurement system
  • Automatically deliver POs by capturing the fax information in them



  • Save half-day manual effort by automating the tedious manual fax processes
  • Greatly improve efficiency and save labor cost


About City Super

City Super Group was established in Hong Kong in 1996, and now has more than 1,500 employees across 3 major retail brands. The Group is a creative retailer which carefully tailors each of the outlets to its target customers, thereby creating a unique shopping experience for all its customers.

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