Cigna Worldwide Life Insurance Co. Ltd. replaced its RightFax with OceanFax FoIP Solution with IVRS integration using Watch Folder method.

Hong Kong – 18 February 2016 – Cigna Worldwide Life Insurance Co. Ltd. selected OceanFax FoIP Solution to replace its RightFax and integrated IVRS using Watch Folder method.  Through this method, the new OceanFax can easily migrate with the previous system and does not require any program change in IVRs. OceanFax FoIP Solution can provide a flexible and reliable integration as well as improve availability with virtual machine setting and FoIP.


Project Highlight

· OceanFax FOIP solution to replace RightFax with IVRS integration with Watch Folder method.


Why OceanFax?
Easy to migrate.

· Easy to migrate

· Not require program change in IVRS

· Easy to manage

· Lower TCO

· Flexible and reliable integration

· Improve availability with VM and FOIP


About Cigna Worldwide Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1993, Cigna Worldwide Life Insurance Co. Ltd. provides insurance products and solutions in Hong Kong in life, accident, health and medical nature. It also offers a great variety of insurance products for individuals and families covering medical, dental, vision, disability, pharmacy management, international employee assistance programs, life, accidental death and dismemberment, and evacuation solutions.