Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd. chose OceanFax FoIP solution for its rapid notification and highest security fax during the construction tender process.

Hong Kong – 18 March 2015 – Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd. replaced its previous FaxMaker traditional faxboard solution and chose OceanFax FoIP solution for its rapid notification and better price performance. To handle dozens of construction tenders every day, OceanFax can ensure highest security fax during the process with additional features of simpler administrative and operational efforts, supporting VMware, DDI Fax and the function of group delegation.


Project Highlight

  • Replace FaxMaker traditional fax board solution with OceanFax FoIP Solution


Why OceanFax?

  • Provide highest security fax for construction tender process
  • Support VMware and DDI Fax
  • Better price performance
  • Support group delegation function, simpler administration and operational procedures


About Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd.

Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd. is the holding company of Chinese Estates Group, one of the famous property developers in Hong Kong. Its business mainly focuses on property investment for rental and property development for sale. The Group puts primary efforts on Hong Kong’s business but also develop property interests in Mainland China and United Kingdom.