China CITIC Bank International Replaces RightFax with OceanFax to Apply Auto Reply Feature and Integrate OceanFax with Backend System for Production Fax

Hong Kong – 23 December 2013 – China CITIC Bank International Limited recently selected OceanFax to replace its existing RightFax Server to apply auto reply feature and integrate with backend system.

Project Highlights

  • Replace RightFax with OceanFax
  • Apply Auto Reply feature:
    • OceanFax supports to send an auto receipt back to the sender according to Caller ID, CSID or the fax number matched with either. The receipt’s content and style are customizable, and generally include the ID number and the first page of the inbound fax.
  • Integrate with the Backend System for Production Fax
    • Seamlessly integrate OceanFax with the backend system
    • Automatically generate and deliver repetitive and high-volume faxes from the backend system
  • Run in VM environment


Why OceanFax?

  • Best-fit features


For more information, please visit:

  • OceanFax Production Fax
  • OceanFax 3.0 New Features


About China CITIC Bank International Limited

CITIC Bank International (Traditional Chinese: 中信銀行國際) (Former stock code: SEHK: 183) (formerly known as CITIC Ka Wah Bank (Traditional Chinese: 中信嘉華銀行) and Ka Wah Bank is a Hong Kong bank majority owned by CITIC. It is a subsidiary of CITIC International Financial Holdings.