08/08/2019 – Cathay United Bank (China) Ltd. selected OceanFax

Taiwan – 8 Aug 2019 – Cathay United Bank (China) Ltd. currently signed a deal with OceanX to implement OceanFax.

OceanFax FOIP Fax Solution allows all Cathay United Bank’s branches send and receive faxes on one OceanFax fax server. It integrates with the business department’s seal verification system, which greatly improves efficiency.

The unique high quality fax images by OceanFax ensure smooth verification of the seal verification system used by the bank.


Project Highlight

  • OceanFax FOIP solution


Why OceanFax?

  • Patented ImagePlus technology enhance the quality of fax image
  • Centralize management of all faxes


About Cathay United Bank (China) Ltd.  

The United World Chinese Commercial Bank (UWCCB) and Cathay Commercial Bank (CCB) was merged and renamed Cathay United Bank. UWCCB was found in September 1971 during the 4th Cathay Financial Association Gathering where representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs around the world gave their determined support to the economy of their motherland.

Since these acquisitions and mergers, Cathay United Bank has continued to expand its local branch offices in Taiwan, becoming a private bank with the largest number (165) of branches.


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